Fullstack Automation Engineer

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Full Time

About the Role

Principal duties and responsibilities:
• Design and implement microscopy processes using Python.
• Maintain contact and interface with the microscope manufacturer and software IT for support of Genetika+ needs.
• Design, develop and maintain the CI/CD pipeline (software appliance, data injections).
• Design and execute data life-span within the system in terms of storage and accessibility.
• Manage and support development environment (AWS).
• Develop and validate innovative technologies and approaches to make significant improvements in pipeline automation.
• Take part of different R&D DevOps and automation processes.
• Evaluate and integrate new methods, techniques and technologies to independently progress key aspects of projects.


Qualifications & experience:

· Image processing software’s operating experience (command line and UI).

· Demonstrated experience in machine learning and deep learning algorithm development/utilization.

· Experience in image analysis automation.

· Strong programming skills including programming experience in python.

· Proficiency in SQL (preferably PostgreSQL / MySQL)

· Windows and Linux pipeline processing.

· Raw data automated labeling – advantage.

· AWS operations experience – advantage.

· ML/AI utilization experience – advantage.

· Self-learning abilities.

· Flexible to shifting priorities and variable workloads.

· Attention to detail and careful record-keeping.

· Adaptability to work in a fast-paced and changing environment.

· Excellent organizational skills and ability to manage multiple projects.

· Excellent oral and written communication skills, able to write technical reports and protocols.

· Fluency in English.

Please send your CV and a paragraph on your relevant experience to hiring@genetikaplus.com or apply via LinkedIn (Role: Fullstack Automation Engineer)

About the Company

Genetika+ is a well-funded, award winning start-up based in Tel-Aviv, working on cutting edge technologies, developing a new tool for the treatment of Major Depression. Our mission is to reduce the number of patients suffering, the time patients suffer and improve the quality of patient lives. We are recruiting a Fullstack Automation Engineer to join our R&D team, offering a significant and rapid growth opportunity. The candidate should be a highly motivated and independent engineer, who will report directly to the data team leader and work with both the data science and imaging teams in infrastructure design, development and maintenance. The successful candidate will ideally be an accomplished engineer extensively familiar with process automation, DevOps, and image analysis.